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For several years, products containing CBD, a non-psychoactive cannabinoid, have been talked about. Indeed, the various benefits they provide make them successful. Why consume CBD and what products are available?

CBD, a molecule with therapeutic benefits

CBD products have already made a lot of followers in France. While cannabis is illegal due to the presence of tetrahydrocannabinol or THC contained in these products, this is not the case with CBD or cannabidiol products. Because unlike THC, CBD is not a psychotropic drug and therefore has no “high” effect.

CBD is more widely recognized for its medicinal and therapeutic properties. Scientific studies have evaluated the properties of CBD. Besides its relaxing effect, cannabidiol also helps relieve pain and inflammation. CBD produces an anti-inflammatory effect by promoting pain mediation by the endocannabinoid system. It is mainly used by patients with chronic diseases, who are not currently receiving treatment. Cannabidiol also helps reduce anxiety, depression and stress. CBD can also reduce nausea and can be used as an anti-convulsant especially for people with epilepsy.

MyBudShop’s CBD meteors

There are many products available in CBD shops like the meteor flowers from MyBudShop. Other products like CBD oil and CBD e-liquid for electronic cigarettes are also very popular.

Meteors are colored moonrocks with different tastes. These lunar-like flowers are very original. Varieties such as amethyst, quartz, ruby, carmine or even sapphire are available. These CBD products contain a rate of 70% CBD. These products can be used as a spray or as an infusion using coconut oil for example. The products for sale on the online store have a THC rate lower than the maximum legal rate authorized in France but also in Europe.

Join the MyBudShop franchise system

The CBD market is booming in France. The growing use of cannabidiol has seen many online CBD stores flourish. Besides, the CBD market has been estimated at 13.6 billion euros by 2025. While cannabis is illegal in France, this is not the case with CBD products which have legal vagueness. Indeed, European law indicates that products containing CBD must contain a THC rate of less than 0.2%.

MyBudShop offers a system of franchises. Thus, some entrepreneurs may want to be tempted by the adventure. The company has been present for 3 years, offering a turnkey concept with the possibility of benefiting from personalized support. MyBudShop being a major player in the CBD market, benefiting from the notoriety of this brand is a plus when you open your shop. The CBD products offered by MyBudShop, which are CBD oils, resins or even cosmetics, are also sought after and recognized for their quality.

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