Why do cats dislike water?

Many cat breeds hate water. Yet almost all cats know how to swim very well, quite instinctively. How to explain this kind of repulsion for water? Are there any cat breeds that love swimming? Is it possible to make a cat love the bath? Let’s do a check in.

The cat is not comfortable in the water

Very nimble in the open air, the cat surprises with its astonishing agility. However, it is quite different in an aquatic environment where it can even suddenly seem well borrowed. The animal does not appreciate having difficulty in carrying out its movements, these being hampered by liquid. It is much more complicated for him to climb on a bank or the edge of the bathtub in order to get out of the water. Perhaps he sees being submerged as a kind of trap or threat.

The cat has an unpleasant sensation in the water

Many cats hate having wet fur. As proof, they do not stay long in the pouring rain. In the bathtub, it’s even worse since the cat can smell its coat get heavy, and it is then good less free to move. It suffices that in addition the ambient temperature is chilly for the kitty to find swimming even more unpleasant. And the discomfort can last for some time. This is because when a cat’s coat is very wet, it dries slowly, which is even worse if the hair is long and dense.

The cat may have had some traumatic experiences

If cats could talk, they would probably tell us that their fear of water is partly due to involuntary slips, even to accidental falls in a ru, a basin or even in the bathtub. Curious about everything, the cat can approach very close to the edge of a pool and find itself in the water quite involuntarily if it slips. Moreover, this is quite common in homes since the walls of a bathtub are extremely slippery. It does not take more to trigger a fear panic in the cat.

A fear of water due to its origins

This is one of the reasons given for feline breeds originating from the desert areas of the Middle East. These cats have not been used to dealing with water on a daily basis, whether it is to feed themselves through fishing or even to flee from an enemy. The swimming craze is therefore not in their genes. It is totally different for cat breeds originating, for example, from the forests of Norway where lakes are indeed present. Moreover, these felines are as comfortable in the water as on dry land.

Some cats love water

Decidedly, the cat is an animal full of mysteries … and contradictions ! Because if he generally hates being immersed in water, this liquid literally fascinates him. He likes to hear the lapping of the water which intrigues him, he can also spend hours admiring himself in the reflection of a pond or playing with the drip from the bathtub faucet, at the risk of falling head first in the bath!

He is in any case capable of crossing a river at the swimming by force of circumstances but experiences for the water a natural distrust very important. This particular trait is not, however, found in all feline breeds, as we have mentioned previously, since some cats love water : the Siberian, the Norwegian, the Bengal, the Maine Coon, the Turkish Angora, the Abyssinian or the Turk of Van, the latter being rightly nicknamed the swimming cat.

Finally, we must not despair, because it is possible to make a cat appreciate water of any breed whatsoever, by accustoming it very little, gently, to this contact with water, provided it is lukewarm. Gradually acclimatized to the aquatic environment from the start of its life and gently, a cat will have every chance to love swimming. His master just needs to know to put your little feline in confidence so that what is a torture becomes a real pleasure.