Why does a dog run after cars?

A dog chasing a car is a very dangerous situation because the animal can be struck by a vehicle or cause an accident. accident serious. Why is he attacking vehicles? How to put an end to this bad habit ?

Why does a dog run after cars?

The phenomenon of dogs running and / or barking at vehicles is relatively frequentt. This behavior is usually due to one of the following reasons:

  • The fear. The noise of a vehicle and its speed can generate a feeling ofhostility and scare the dog. This completely normal emotion in animals in the wild is caused by the perception of a danger that prompts the canine to protect itself by fleeing or, in this case, by attacking. His attitude is sometimes due to poor socialization or to trauma ;
  • Instinct to predation. In nature, predation is a method of foraging for capture live prey and ingest it. Now domesticated, dogs no longer need to search for their food, but some retain a more or less pronounced instinct. If a stationary vehicle does not elicit any reaction from the dog, the movement of the car will be associated with the movement of a prey which he must seize;
  • The notion of territory and its resulting protection is essential in a dog. For him, the car is a intruder that he must imperatively move away from his home. First, the canine will signal the intrusion to its master by barking. If he feels his domain is still threatened, he will make sure to chase the invader until his disappearance. From then on, he will have fulfilled his mission of guardian and will cease its pursuit;
  • The Game. If the dog is not busy enough, he is able to find hobbies on his own. Running after cars is a distraction fun for him. Like a rattle, the movement of a car is seen as a way of playing just like a jogger or a bicycle. In short, everything that is agitated in front of his nose and that he is very tempted to catch;
  • Theanxiety. A dog subjected to stress, to frequent reprimands will tend to want to evacuate these negative energies. A car then becomes the ideal target to let off steam.

Preventing a dog from chasing a car: the prerequisites

Before you want to dissuade your dog from chasing cars through exercises, it is imperative:

  • he would obey recall. This may seem obvious but it is necessary to repeat how essential this order is to the security of your animal. It is all the more important that the problem to be corrected here is related to vehicles, therefore with dangers potentials;
  • he will spent daily. A dog that is fixated on objects / people sometimes reflects a boredom that the animal fills by finding distractions and over-reacting to events. As a reminder, walking your dog out of the garden every day for at least thirty minutes is essential for his balanced. When going out, you can satisfy their natural predatory instinct through activities such as search sessions, tracking and other games that are both educational and fun, etc;
  • get used to the presence of cars. Desensitization of the dog aims to put him in contact with the object of his fears to observe and correct his actions. If you live in the countryside, it is therefore advisable to go to the city or to places with high passage driving and walking along roadways with your dog on a leash. If he doesn’t say anything when a car passes, give him a treat and praise him.

How to prevent a dog from chasing a car

In addition to familiarizing your animal with the presence of vehicles, it will be necessary to break his habit of chasing after them when he is released. For this, it isanticipatesr his reaction as soon as you hear or see a car and act accordingly. Ideally, enlist the help of a friend to make a test safely. The goal is to reproduce the situation in which your dog chases vehicles. When the car starts up (slow speed), you can:

  • You position in front of your dog as soon as he shows signs of restlessness. The aim is to create a connection visual with him and interest him in something other than the vehicle. If he did not follow the car, reward him warmly;
  • Divert His attention. When he is about to chase the car, distract him with a whistle or a ball that you will throw in the opposite direction;
  • The call back. Do not hesitate to add an order such as “sit”. If he does, reward and praise him ardently.
  • Repeat training until your dog is no longer paying attention to passing vehicles.

The dog is still chasing cars despite the exercises

When the dog’s behavior is due to fear uncontrollable, it is sometimes difficult or even impossible to correct his behavior. In this case, the use of a harness and a leash will be essential in order to prevent any accident. It is also recommended to avoid places that exacerbate his fears as well as hours the most frequented by vehicles. Do not reprimand him as this may increase his stress by associating fear with punishment. In the most serious situations of aggression, the treatment can be long and require the accompaniment of a behaviorist canine.