Why does my cat have weeping eyes?

Tearing can be more or less important in cats. It is essential to know the origin in order to remedy it as quickly as possible. Let’s find out the possible causes and what solution to adopt so that the cat no longer has crying eyes.

Tearing in cats: the different causes

When a cat’s eyes are crying, it has nothing to do with being depressed! We must identify the cause as soon as possible. It could be :

  • Obstruction of the tear duct,
  • From an infection,
  • From an allergy,
  • From a foreign body.

The attitude to adopt depends on the origin of the tearing. If the cat’s tears cry for more than 24 hours, it is strongly recommended to consult the vet very quickly. It is also necessary to distinguish between an eye which tears little and a profuse flow of tears or epiphora.

In case of’epiphora, we can suspect irritation or even an obstruction of the tear duct. In the latter case, the tears flow into the inner corner of the eyes and eventually furrow up to the muzzle. Apart from an anatomical problem that is found among others in brachycephalic cats, the cause may be:

  • A mucous plug which can more or less obstruct the canal, forming an obstacle to the normal flow of tears.
  • An excess of tear production which can be explained by:
    • conjunctivitis,
    • a irritation,
    • a ulcer at the level of the cornea.

It is well understood that the eyes that weep in a cat should not be neglected because this can raise suspicion of a sometimes very serious problem.

What to do when a cat’s eyes cry?

The color of cat’s tears can say a lot about their cause. A simple dust in the eye Usually results in clear tearing. Just clean the cat’s eyes with a lint-free compress soaked in physiological serum or a suitable lotion to get everything back to normal.

But if the tears are reddish, the problem is probably worse and even in some cases they may be clear despite a serious cause.

Unless you are 100% sure the cat is simply bothered by dust or a hair on the eye, it is better not to touch his running eyes and take him to the vet as quickly as possible. The practitioner will undoubtedly need to submit the cat to additional examinations in order to identify the problem causing tearing. This is absolutely fundamental so that treatment can be put in place if it is necessary.

The eyes are hyper sensitive and fragile organs. Under no circumstances should they be cleaned with any product. Moreover, each element of the structure of an eye can be at the center of a problem, from the eyelid to the retina via the cornea or the lens. You should not joke with the health of your cat’s eyes which should be the object of all attention.

Owners can never be advised enough to take good care of their little feline regardless of their age, which includes regularly cleaning their eyes with a very specific lotion recommended by the veterinarian. The lotion is one of the products that can be reimbursed by the mutual health cat once the owner of the animal has opted for a formula integrating the preventive acts.

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