Why is my cat crazy about balls of yarn?

Very small, the kitten shows a real enthusiasm for certain games, among which the ball of wool is in good place. Does your adult cat go crazy as soon as a ball rolls under his paws? Don’t be surprised, this harmless little game is ideal for stimulating your hunting instinct …

Play cat and mouse!

It is through play that the kitten develops its predatory instinct. The cat is a formidable hunter; the game teaches it very early certain behaviors which will be useful to it to catch its preys. While it is true that cats do not need to hunt to live – they have their daily ration of kibble – their feline instinct is very present. Nothing better to learn to hunt than false prey, tireless and always available to be eaten. This is where the ball of yarn comes in! In the absence of a real mouse, a rolling ball is stimulating enough to play Tom and Jerry. A yarn looks pretty much like the tail of a mouse, right?

Track the ball to kill the snake

Have you observed the way a ball of wool rolls on the ground? Rolling at full speed, it unfolds in an elongated manner and lets the wire undulate, longer and longer as it unfolds. If this doesn’t ring a bell, your cat has understood the similarity to living prey. Yes, it looks like the behavior of a snake, or a lizard … Small reptiles that your cat would like to eat! Playing with a ball of yarn (or with any thread or ribbon) is therefore a great hunter training. Your cat can crouch, jump, jump, grab, tackle, bite and scratch his ball at will. He’ll be all set for the day a snake crosses his path.

Learn to swallow certain preys

When your cat plays with a ball of wool, he is able to swallow a good measure before spitting it out. What exactly is he playing? When catching natural prey, the cat does not have the teeth to shred it and eat it into small pieces. Most often, it swallows it completely. The most astonishing thing is that the constitution of his throat allows him to swallow a mouse (ending with the tail) or a small snake. So a piece of wool is no problem!

Exercise visual acuity

Watch your cat play the fool with a ball of yarn. He jumps on her like lightning, lets her unwind a bit, catches up with her… Even if he seems completely crazy about his ball, your cat’s gestures are precise. He never misses his prey. And yet, it goes very quickly! He has to be in constant observation, sweep his gaze from side to side at full speed, concentrate… Playing with an Elaine ball is for him an excellent exercise for the eyes. To grasp prey in the wild, sight is as important as reflexes. The ball of yarn is a really complete game.

If you like to play ball, your cat will love it!

Some cats are really crazy about this game! If this is the case with your cat, it’s a safe bet that someone in the family – maybe yourself – likes to stimulate him in this way. If the cat likes to work on his predatory instinct by attacking a ball of yarn, he is pleased to discover that you like it too. Your cat then uses this little game to create a relationship with you. This is another interest of the ball of yarn: to be able to attract the attention of its master in a playful way, just for the fun of it.

Cheat boredom

It also happens that your cat jumps on a ball just because he has nothing better to do, just needs some exercise. A cat doesn’t like to be bored. Any object lying around can become an excuse for great moments of play. Your feline loves stimulation, physical and emotional. But the ball of wool is one of the objects that occupies him the longest! It is obviously a game that gives him the pleasure of the action while awakening his dormant instinct. Nothing like to keep you pleasantly occupied when you have no one to play with. Or to let off steam when you have a little stress.

Attention, dangerous pelota

Carried away by his enthusiasm, your cat is not necessarily aware of the risks associated with this game. Make sure that your balls in use, where there may be needles, are locked up and inaccessible to the cat. Give him a ball of wool that is not too fine and does not fray.

If you don’t play with him, watch him out of the corner of your eye. He could get tangled in the wire, injure himself or even strangle himself with it. A tight thread around one part of the body can cause constriction and be dramatic.

Since he likes to ingest the thread, this presents certain risks. Sometimes the cat swallows pieces that it does not spit out. In general, the woolen thread will be evacuated by natural means. But this type of object is not really digested, it tends to agglomerate, going so far as to cause intestinal obstruction. Not to mention the risk of cuts, on the gums or the tongue, caused by very fine threads. Also beware of the risk of suffocation, which can happen if he swallows a large amount of wool.

In your absence, avoid leaving threads, ribbons or ball of wool lying around, this will save you some worries. The important thing is that he has something to play in safety. But when you are at home, do not deprive him of this pleasure!