Why is my cat lying down on my computer?

Your feline has a big place. Your living space is its territory. He loves your couch, your bed and your computer. It’s a fact: cats love to lie down on the keyboard of desktop computers and especially laptops. Why this behavior? Is your pet trying to send a message? Does he appreciate the heat generated by the device? Here are some answers.

Your cat is hungry

If your cat comes to sit on your computer keyboard while you are at work or just hanging out on the canvas, he may be trying to get your attention. Before you scold him, make sure he has been fed. It is indeed possible that your cat has no more food available or that you forgot to feed him. The cat really likes the ritual of the meal. If you prepare his own bowl for him, he will be impatiently awaiting it and may be impatient. If he has a habit of eating croquettes, he may want the ones in his bowl to be renewed. In contact with the air, this type of cat food tends to lose its flavor.

Your cat wants affection

The computer is a serious competitor for your cat. He can be jealous of it. If you have a laptop, it may be regularly on your lap, one of your feline’s favorite places. This is why, while you are using your connected tool, your cat will remind you of its presence. Don’t hesitate to take a few minutes to reassure and hug him. Alternatively, sit on the table or on the desk. So your knees will be free and your cat can get started. Finally, don’t be surprised if your cat disrupts your online activity anyway, this pet likes to be the center of attention.

Your cat likes the heat of the computer

Whether stationary or portable, a computer generates a lot of heat. And this heat, cats appreciate it! Your pet may sit on your device to take advantage of the heat emitted. For free access to work and leisure tools, all you need to do is install a cushion or blanket near your computer, ideally not far from the fan.

Your cat is attracted to the screen

A cat is a feline, and therefore a hunter at heart. To meet their needs, all means are good! It can chase away a dust or a fly, play with the leaves of a plant or the cord of a blind. Be aware that activity on television, like that on computer screens, stimulates the cat. The result is final! Your animal sits on the keyboard and its front legs are found on the screen. To regain your freedom, you need to divert your cat’s attention. Many toys exist so that he can work his instinct. You can give him a ball, a fake mouse or even a toy that distributes kibble.

Changing your habits and those of your cat

To freely enjoy your computer, you must of course teach your cat that he is not allowed to sit on it. Remember that computers are expensive devices and cats can interfere with their proper functioning by damaging the screen with its claws or by leaving hairs between the various components.

It’s also a good idea to give your pet some time. Even though cats are independent, they are nonetheless affectionate. In recent months, because of the health crisis linked to the coronavirus epidemic, you have spent a lot of time at home. For professional reasons, your computer may have had a more important place in your daily life. Your cat is troubled by these changes. He has you with him, but your attention turns to the computer, which becomes an enemy. Reassure your pet by cuddling and scratching for a few minutes, several times during the day. Also make sure he has everything he needs (food, games) and set up a space near you.