Why opt for an ADSL connection before the arrival of optical fiber? – EconomyMorning

More than 15 million French households are now connected to the Internet via ADSL, a technology that uses the good old telephone wires to pass a few mega bits, or a few tens of megabits a second, to the lucky ones.

A more expensive subscription to benefit from fiber

This technology, almost 20 years old, has had its day, and is gradually giving way wherever possible to the optical fiber, which offers speeds a hundred times more efficient. But for some, ADSL is more than sufficient, especially when the subscription price is not very high. Some old subscriptions are billed for less than 15 euros per month, while subscriptions via fiber are at least 5 to 10 euros more expensive.

However, it is to be feared that some ADSL customers will one day not have the choice to keep their connection, and their tariff, and will be forced to take a faster but more expensive subscription. From this year, 10 million telephone subscribers will no longer be able to subscribe to an ADSL subscription, because their line will be deconstructed in the next few years, because the fiber is arriving, or will soon reach them.

Opt for a cheaper ADSL Internet connection

My advice for the day is therefore the following: if you were still hesitant to take an inexpensive Internet connection at your old parents’ house, or in a family house, because it will not be used often and not very much, now is the time to to toggle. In a few months, it may be too late, and you will then be forced to pay 25, 30, 35 euros or more per month for an oversized connection and expensive compared to your needs.

Now, don’t forget either that most operators offer big mobile data plans at bargain prices, perfect for those one-off needs. For my part, I am currently paying 13 euros for 100 gigas. And although a big data consumer, at mid-plan I consumed less than 10 gigabytes. But of course, for this to be of any use, you still need to have 4G or 3G + near you.

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