Women’s shorts and shorts: the trends of summer 2022

Women’s shorts and shorts are what we wear the most on the hottest days. Therefore, we will tell you which styles of shorts will accompany us during the summer. In 2022, the trend is to be a little wider and more casual!

We always wear shorts (regardless of whether they are chic or casual) and they are much more comfortable and uncomplicated than skirts and dresses.

But which models of summer 2022 shorts are really in fashion this season? Anyone who dreads having to squeeze us into shorts and tight shorts can breathe a sigh of relief. Because this year’s trend is definitely moving in the direction of “casual and comfortable”.

2022 shorts trends: these models are in fashion now

1. Knee-length denim shorts

You jean shorts are one of the absolute classics of summer 2022. However, they are no longer worn super short, but knee-length. Especially in fashion are the bespoke shorts models with a little more cut wide on the leg, similar to pants wide leg jeans.

At Jeans shorts they are the perfect basic piece that really goes with everything. A combination that always works, for example, are the denim shorts with the classic white t-shirt. Fitted tops or baggy blouses also go well.

Tip: It is better to tie the blouses around the waist or use cut-out pieces. This creates a super beautiful silhouette. for the short ones prefer to wear denim shorts with heels or platform soles, as the knee-length shorts can compress the silhouette a little.

shorts jeans

2. sweatshirt shorts

Cozy sweatpants have celebrated their big return to fashion since the beginning of the pandemic and are also used outside their own walls. But cozy pants are often too hot for summer. The alternative? O sweatshirt shorts.

You sweatshirt shorts are the short version of the classic sweatpants and are with us every step of the way this season. Whether for a picnic by the lake or a coffee with your best friend.

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sweatshirt shorts looks how to wear

3. Crochet shorts

THE craftcore fashion, especially crochet clothes, are big news in the summer of 2022. In addition to crochet tops, crochet dresses or crochet accessories such as bags and hats, fashionistas also love crochet-style shorts.

They look playful and casual and, at the same time, attract attention. Furthermore, thanks to the perforated fabric, the pieces are airy and light and therefore perfect for hot summer days.

If desired, you can match crochet shorts directly with the matching crochet top or simply with a simple basic top.

4. Linen shorts

Linen shorts were extremely popular last year and will continue to be so this season. After all, linen is the ultimate summer material. It is airy and light and cools particularly well on hot days. Furthermore, fashion made from linen, especially in typical natural nuances such as beige or cream, looks extremely elegant.

How do we match linen shorts? It’s easy with a white blouse and mules braided . An elegant satin top with fashionable pieces is also beautiful.

linen shorts

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5. Tailoring shorts

For a long time, tailoring clothes were considered boring. Street looks prove once again that they are not.

This time the pleated tailoring shorts are super cool this summer – if the shorts are also made of linen, even better. Summer pieces are now better used with crop tops, blazers in cuts big ones matching and sneakers or alternatively sandals.

6. Cycling shorts

Cycling shorts have been stubbornly at the forefront of fashion trends for a long time. Even if we had to get used to the style, we can perfectly understand the hype. After all, tight shorts are super comfortable thanks to the material from leggings. They are also very elegant with blazers and heels.

cyclist shorts

An important note: of course fashion is a matter of taste and not everyone thinks the trends and items presented are beautiful. Our style tips, clothing ideas and tricks should inspire you – what you do with them is entirely yours. And always remember: what you want to wear is your decision. Don’t let anyone tell you what you can and cannot wear. After all, fashion must be one thing first: fun!