Word Password Day: simplifying and strengthening the management of your passwords, is it possible? – EconomyMorning

On the occasion of International Password Day, discover some tips to avoid falling prey to password attacks.

What do almost all the sites, tools and applications you use every day have in common? They identify you via a password associated with an email address or your phone number. If we can’t change our address or number, we would still have to change our password every time. But do you know what a good password is and how to remember all those different passwords?

Are we then doomed to be hacked? Hopefully not ! Here are our 5 tips for securing your digital life:

1. The choice of password : You just need to use a good password: unique, complex, long and difficult to guess. First, avoid dates of birth and names of pets, and anything easily found online, on social networks for example. Then make combinations of letters and numbers, as well as special characters.

2. Diversification : If you have 20 accounts, that means you will need to create 20 different and complex passwords. This will allow you to secure all your other accounts, should any of them be hacked.

3. A password manager : If remembering all these passwords seems complicated to you, did you know that it is possible to delegate this task with maximum security? To do this, use a password manager, or identity manager, which will remember these passwords for you. So it doesn’t matter whether the password is 20 characters at a time with numbers or letters and special characters.

4. Leave it to chance : The password manager can also create but also enter it for us when we want to access the service. He will then create ultra-secure passwords: long, complex, mixing numbers, letters, special characters, upper case letters, lower case letters, etc.

5. Be extra vigilant : As soon as possible, activate multi-factor authentication. This means that you will receive a unique code by SMS or a series of numbers that you will enter on the application when you log in. You thus confirm that you are indeed the right person who is entering the login and password.

You can find peace and serenity with these tips, but always remember to remain vigilant when it comes to security against cyber risks.