“Work about work”: the French waste too much time at work – EconomieMatin

According to a new study carried out among more than 13,000 employees, the French are the workers who lose the most time at work because of “work about work”. Basically, they’re clearing the air by doing too many video conferences, meetings, and other time-consuming and unnecessary activities.

Waste of time at work with the ” work about work

Superfluous meetings, too many videoconferences, emails to process, information research … Work about work literally “work on the job” as Asana calls it, a platform for managing teamwork, can waste a lot of employees’ time. According to a survey of 13,123 professionals from all over the world (Australia / New Zealand, France, Germany, Japan, Singapore, United Kingdom and United States), the French are the champions in this area.

The French spend nearly two-thirds (66%) of their working time performing unskilled tasks, the famous “work about work”. However, they believe “ that they could save almost a day’s work each week (5 hours 51 minutes) if the processes were improved “. Surprisingly, the fact that they have more teleworked because of the Covid-19 did not save them more time, on the contrary.

More work, less productivity

The study finds that teleworking has pushed employees to work more. At the World level, 87% of respondents work around 2 hours more each day, or 455 hours per year. This is almost twice as much as in 2019, when we reached 242 more hours of work per year.

In addition, the working time did not reduce because “ informal discussions have been replaced by unnecessary meetings, resulting in a loss of 157 hours of productivity per person per year “. And for good reason, ” teams spend 30% more time than last year on tasks that have already been performed by others “. As our working days keep getting longer, 3 out of 4 employees find it difficult to disconnect. In 2020, 7 out of 10 workers experienced at least one burnout episodeconcludes the Asana.

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