World Backup Day: How To Back Up Your Data? – EconomyMorning

March 31, 2021 is “World Backup Day”. In other words, a perfect day to remember to back up all your data, whether it’s important documents, family vacation photos, or emails you want to keep.

Since, be careful! No one is safe from a small accident. Who has never lost or dropped their cell phone, even once? If you have already lived this experience, you know the sad feeling of having lost all your data, the memories contained in this phone but also in your other devices. At such times, if you had thought about making a backup beforehand, you could have slept with peace of mind. What, perhaps, make you want to start making one today.

Why make a backup?

If you’re not convinced that you need to make a backup, think about the many reasons you might want to make one. As of tomorrow, you could be the victim of a hack or a virus that would delete all your data. You could also make a handling error and be the cause of your unhappiness. Computer problems could arise at any time. Or your data loss could also be due to natural causes. Indeed, no one is immune to a fire or a flood that would destroy your hardware and IT assets.

Are you now convinced to make a backup? So you are legitimately asking yourself, where to start? First of all, you need to set the backup frequency. Don’t wait until March 31st to do so. Once a year is not enough!

Also remember to make copies of the files you want to back up before you even back them up. And finally, use several different backup media, don’t keep everything on your computer.

Which medium to choose?

The first solution is to choose a local backup. This could be a USB drive, CD or DVD, hard drive, or NAS. However, before choosing local backup, one should take into account the advantages and disadvantages associated with it. On the benefit side, you have control over your backups and know exactly where they are. However, the downsides are that you can experience theft or loss of your backups. For example, it is very easy to lose a USB drive.

If these drawbacks scare you, you might want to turn to online backup. Although it has some drawbacks, you have very little chance of getting stolen or losing your data. Its disadvantages include needing an internet connection and not having control over your data. In most cases, you don’t know where your data is.

The best solution would therefore be to mix local and online backups. You will thus benefit from the advantages of both solutions and you will make sure that your data is well backed up to avoid falling victim to the jokes usually made on April 1st.

If there’s one thing to take away from World Backup Day, it’s that backing up your data is important, but doing it regularly, more than once a year, is even more so.