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Every year, one in ten French households moves. And the best time to move is obviously during the summer, when the children no longer have school, and when parents can more easily spend days. It should be noted in passing that labor law does not grant employees days off for moving. It is the collective agreements that sometimes give it, between 1 and 3 days depending on the profession.

Moving, a heavy budget for households

Moving, for the vast majority of French people, also means calling on friends and renting a truck, or getting by with your own car and that of your friends in order to save money, because the move is above all a big shock for the family budget.

However, it is possible to receive moving assistance. A majority of households are eligible, but many are not even aware of the existence of these aids.

Financial aid exists

CAF, for example, pays a premium of nearly 1,000 euros for families with at least 3 children, including when the last is not yet born. Action Logement, for its part, can pay more than 2,000 euros to an employee who has to move for professional reasons., including if he is single or in a couple without children. The only condition is to change town: you have to move more than 70 kilometers from your former home to be entitled to “Mobili-Pass” assistance.

Last aid available: that of the housing solidarity fund. For example, he can take care of the security deposit, or even the first month’s rent.

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