Your dog has just swallowed a whole packet of chewing gum, how to react?

By accident or inadvertently, it may happen that your dog consumes a food or drink that may be toxic to him or even dangerous to his health. But what if he swallowed up a whole packet of chewing gum?

Why is chewing gum dangerous for dogs?

You sometimes need flea or tick products, food supplements or even dewormers for your animals, whatever they are, and you order these veterinary products on this site where the payment is completely secure, with delivery to the address of your choice by Colissimo. But be careful, it will be different to remedy the problem of your dog if he has ingested chewing gum.

If you often leave your packets of chewing gum lying around, there is a risk that your dog will swallow them without your knowledge. Like children, your four-legged animal may not resist candy either. And here, it is not the sweets that are involved, but the xylitol. In fact, this additive is widely used to sweeten candies and chewing gum, in particular those said to be “sugar-free”, as an alternative to sucrose. This is how chewing gums with a minty taste offer that particular sensation of extreme freshness in the mouth.

Although xylitol is a compound extracted from birch bark, this sweetener can be dangerous if ingested in large quantities by your pooch. Indeed, encouraging the production of insulin in the pancreas, xylitol can cause severe hypoglycemia, that is to say a significant drop in blood sugar levels in canines, which can then cause in very severe cases , liver failure.

What behavior to adopt?

So, faced with this situation, the first thing to do is to check if xylitol is one of the main components of chewing gum, more precisely its quantity. You will identify this component by its name or with the code E967. Therefore, you will be able to calculate the dose absorbed by your pet. Hypoglycemia will only happen if more than one hundred grams of xylitol per kilogram of your dog’s body weight has been ingested. However, from fifty grams, you must be vigilant. You should then carefully supervise your dog within fifteen to twelve hours after consuming the chewing gum. Depending on the concentration of xylitol, these are indeed the average times for a drop in blood sugar levels. However, symptoms such as a flagrant lack of coordination in his movements, vomiting or repetitive fainting should already alert you.

Be careful, however, it may happen that there is no manifestation of hypoglycemia and that you immediately face liver failure. The best solution is to take your dog to the vet, especially if you don’t know the number of chewing gum tablets he has consumed, so that the professional can wash his stomach without further delay. As you can see, the sooner the veterinarian takes care of the situation, the more likely your dog will get away with it.

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