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Zemmour as president and 2021 the year of victory. Return on the political news of Wednesday, February 17, 2021.

13% of French people ready to vote for Eric Zemmour in the 2022 presidential election

If columnist and polemicist Eric Zemmour stood for the 2022 presidential election, 13% of French people would be ready to vote for him. An Ifop survey conducted for the newspaper Current values highlights that to the question “Would you be ready to vote for Eric Zemmour if he was a candidate in the next presidential election in 2022?” ” 13% of the respondents answered in the affirmative.

On the other hand 74% answer that they would not vote for Eric Zemmour, including 60% who believe that they would “certainly not” vote for him. More intriguing 13% of respondents do not know Eric Zemmour.

Olivier Véran wants 2021 to be the year that defeated the Covid-19

During questions to the government at the National Assembly, Tuesday February 16, 2021, the Minister of Health Olivier Véran wanted the year 2021 to be the year that defeated the Covid-19. Olivier Véran therefore hopes that ” 2021 is not the year of variants but rather the year of victory against the pandemic “.

The Minister of Health then defended the screening strategy promoted by the government: “ You say that you have to test massively like what a number of neighbors do, well we do 1.3 million tests per week, which makes France one of the three countries that test the most in the world. within the European Union, month after month

The former mayor of Marseille placed in police custody for suspicion of embezzlement

The former city councilor of Marseille, Claude Gaudin was taken into police custody on Wednesday February 17, 2021, after a search of his home on Tuesday February 16 for suspicion of ” forgery, forgery and embezzlement of public funds “.

Relatives of the former mayor of Marseille called for ” respect the work of justice »While photos of the searches appeared in the press. ” When we see that photos of his house are published even while he is in audition, it is not admissible. That the National Financial Prosecutor’s Office itself take responsibility for violating, once again, the secrecy of the investigation “.

Gabriel Attal understands ” the frustration of people over 75

Government spokesman Gabriel Attal during his press conference on Wednesday February 17, 2021 supported the elderly waiting for a vaccine against Covid-19. ” I understand the frustrations of people over 75 who expect this vaccine as a deliverance “.

Gabriel Attal declared that the government “ was aware that the rate of production and the rate of delivery, like that of appointments, are not up to the wishes of the French who want to be vaccinated. This is the case all over the world.

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